About Us

The Mister Fix-It team specializes in home maintenance and repair. Our dedicated and well-trained staff makes it easy for you to cross those tasks off of your list that may have been put off for lack of time or expertise or even those that came as an unwelcome surprise. Put our team to the test in your home and let us handle the tough stuff for you!


Managing Partner

I started Mister Fix-It because I saw a need for a safe, reliable company focused on small jobs that most contractors won’t even take a second look at. As most of you know, most contractors are focused on only the large jobs.

My goal was to change the way people felt about the home repair business and contractors in general. I thought about the complaints that I had heard from friends and neighbors related to their experiences with contractors and handymen. Things like, “they never show up on time” or “it’s hard to find someone you can trust” . With these things in mind, and my own experience dealing with sub contractors over the years, I felt there would be a huge market for a company focused on the small jobs, and that would actually do what they said they were going to do for a fair price. If you want to deal with a company that is safe, reliable and on time, call us. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Hope to meet you soon!



Managing Partner

With over 30 years of hands on experience in the home improvement and home repair business, Billy is a true professional. Over the course of his career, Billy has been a home builder, major project remodeler and a fire and water damage restoration expert to name a few.

As a managing partner of Mister Fix-It LLC, Billy has the perfect skill set and experience to quote your project properly to ensure the best final result. He is a true believer in premier customer service and will work hard to ensure your project will be completed properly and on time. To Billy, service is not a by-product of doing business, but an intention that helps you create your business!

Mr. Dawson has been instrumental in our efforts to take Mister Fix-It LLC to the next level of performance and customer service. He brings proven insight that can only be acquired through years of hard work and dedication to his customers and his profession.

Kevin Pannebecker

Business Development Manager

Kevin’s background is in senior sales management and developing partnerships and alliances with other
businesses. He has a history of leading highly-successful sales teams from start-ups to established
organizations. Kevin is strongly committed to customer communication and service as he understands
that is the only way to build a long-term profitable company.

He has successfully completed numerous remodeling projects on his own and on friend’s homes and his
hobby is woodworking, so he understands how things work and come together. This knowledge and
understanding will help you improve or repair your home, too.